Hampton Court

Our stand at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show


From HART CANNA, holder of the National Collection of Cannas.

St James Park

Our Cannas growing in St James Park, London (variety 'Durban')

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Welcome to this, our 16th annual catalogue of cannas by mail order. In this catalogue we offer some 75 varieties and species.

We take great care that each variety is correctly named, and also that our stock is free of diseases and pests.

Cannas grow and flower very quickly. Cannas grown from small plants and rhizomes potted up in February/March should typically be flowering by July.

Our prices are based on our stock levels, and in some cases on plant size. It does not depend on the desirability of the variety and some of our best varieties are also the cheapest. The price you see is the price you pay - no VAT is added.

The content of this catalogue will vary from time to time as we have more varieties ready to sell, and as we run out of varieties. We expect to progressively run out of some varieties as the season progresses. Where there is no shopping cart box it indicates that we normally have the variety, but we have no stocks for sale at the present time.

We normally despatch within a few days of receiving the order. Our standard delivery charge for mail order sales is for any quantity. (this charge is automatically added to on-line purchases). Customers should take care that they have adequate growing facilities, particularly if buying in winter (you need a frost-free glasshouse or conservatory). We give our phone number, but We prefer customers to order on-line rather than phone, if possible. Then the sale is fully documented, and the possibility of errors is reduced. Similarly, we prefer customers to look on our website for cultivation information. It's not that we are antisocial, but with lots of customers, the phone can be a problem.

We can send cannas to any country of the European Union (EU), but we can not send cannas (rhizomes or plants) to any country outside the EU because of export/import rules (but sometimes we can send seeds). For sales to other countries of the European Union we apply an extra carriage charge. For further details see Sales to Europe.

We also sell cannas to callers at our nursery, where customers can choose their own items. They can also see for themselves that all our stock is pest-free and disease-free. We advise callers to phone before calling in case we are not there. (phone 0776-295-0000).

We also sell cannas at plant fairs and exhibitions. In 2015 we are exhibiting at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, and at the Spring and Autumn Flower Shows at RHS Wisley Garden. We shall also be exhibiting at other local shows.

We give lectures to horticultural societies on cannas.

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